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Juniper Trees
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Recommended Indoor Bonsai
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One of a Kind Bonsai

We grow a huge assortment of bonsai trees. Each of our pictures includes the trees common and botanical name, approximate age, height and price. We strive to grow and train all of our trees to resemble the sample pictured tree so that you are pleased with your purchase. However, as in nature, no two trees are exactly alike.

Another Bonsai Boy inventory classification to choose from is our "One-of-a-Kind' or "K" trees. These are our item numbers that begin with the letter "K" (example K-123). When purchasing from this category, you will receive the exact tree as shown in the picture.

To enhance the beauty of your bonsai, each of our premium trees is potted in a glazed, imported, proportionate, ceramic container which includes decorative landscape pebbles and a multi-colored, textured rock accessory. Our custom bonsai soil mix has been developed over the years to ensure good water retention, drainage and nutrition absorbing capacity. All of our established trees are shipped with easy-to-care-for instructions for the tree purchased and carefully wrapped and securely packaged so that they arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

Risk Free Guarantee
Ordering from us is risk-free. If you are not satisfied with your tree when you receive it, return it within 1 week of receipt and we will provide you with a replacement, exchange or full refund.


Trees Recommended by Bonsai Boy

Don't have a "green thumb"? Looking for an easy-to-care-for tree? Check out our web page entitled "Bonsai Boy's Recommendations" for trees that do well in less than favorable conditions, such as poor indoor lighting, neglected watering, inexperienced gardeners, etc.

Artificial Trees

Don't have time to care for living trees, but you love the look of bonsai? Click onto our "Artificial Bonsai" and "Wire Sculpture" pages to view the work of artisans whose creations will excite and delight you - and you won't have to water them!

Tools, Supplies, & Accessories

In our enthusiasm to enrich your bonsai experience, we offer an extensive selection of quality bonsai tools in both Beginner and Professional grades. Browse our large selection of bonsai pots, soils, tree nutrients, insecticides, figurines, T-shirts, coffee mugs and much more. Consider our moisture meter, a vital tool used to take the guess work out of watering.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Our extensive selection of meticulously hand-crafted fountains and waterfalls promote calm and bring a wonderful new ambience to your space. Our waterfalls incorporate rock and cascading water to re-create the beauty and spirit of mountains, while our table-top fountains offer calming rhythms, visual beauty and whimsical motifs. All include a re-circulating pump.

One of a Kind Bonsai Trees

From our private collection we are happy to make available bonsai trees from the finest selection of specimen trees in the country. We offer an extensive variety of aged trees which have been carefully selected, grown and maintained under optimum greenhouse conditions at very affordable prices. These established indoor and outdoor specimens can be a unique extension of your bonsai collection or a cherished gift to be passed on.

Books & Videos

We offer a variety of books containing expert advice on growing, training and caring for bonsai trees for both beginning and experienced growers.


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