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Hi everything looks great no damage soil was even still moist. I appreciate the quality of your product thanks youll hear from us again.

Greg and Jeanne

Hi Gene,

May i first say you have a great web site, and finding you and your trees have made my life light up again. In the last order placed I forgot the humidity try "pebbles". Would you please add it to this order, and make any adjustments needed. I received my two trees Wednesday, and cannot keep my hands off um....heheheheeh. You are doing a wonderful job, your trees are exquisite, and I hope the orders flood in. You and yours are true "angles". Thank you for your talent.



My friends received their tree on Wednesday, 3/15 and they were thrilled! It was the gift they never imagined. They made it a point to tell me how well it was packaged. Thank you for helping me to make them happy. I am a little skeptical about orderding on the internet for obvious reasons. But after reading about your mission statement, I sensed that you are professionals who are passionate about what you do. When I get good vibrations I usually follow up. You are great! I will create opportunties to suggest bonsai trees for gifts just so that I can recommend you. Consider me a satisfied customer. Wishing you continued success and prosperity. Keep up the good work.

Doris Williams

This morning I received (from Bonsai Boy) a little Chinzan azelea (SAT ZUKI chinzan). It arrived in such beautiful shape that I had to write you to let you know how absolutely enchanted I am with my purchase. It is covered with pink buds, so I will l look forward to watching it bloom in the near future. I couldn't be happier. GOOD JOB Bonsai boy!!!! Good company.

Mary Jane

My husband and I were married in Hawaii and I ordered the Hawaiian umbrella tree as an anniversary gift to him. Because of the weather I wasn't expecting to see it for awhile. When I got home yesterday, it had arrived.....on our anniversary! It is the most beautiful bonsai tree I have ever seen. We were both extremely impressed with the packaging of the tree. We look foward to buying many more trees from you.
Thank you!!

Alison & Clayton

I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with your plants!!! My order arrived as promised today and they are absolutely perfect. I have seen bonsai directly for sale at nurseries that have not been near the quality of these I purchased on line.
Thank you many times for these wonderful plants. I hope that I can do them justice and keep them healthy for a long time to come.


Dear Bonsaiboy,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful little tree. I ordered a Juniper starter kit and it is great! I would tell all of your new, beginning growers to consider this kit for their first purchase. It is informative and educational. It also is packed very carefully and arrived in perfect condition. Great Job!

A Customer For Life,

Hi Gene,

I did receive the bonsai today, and it is BEAUTIFUL! You did a fantastic job of packaging it. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful holiday.


Just a short note to let you know how pleased my parents were with the bonsai tree that they rec'd today. Roz was very helpful on the phone with me when I placed the order, and everything was as she promised. Hope to do business with you again soon, and enjoy the holidays. Best regards,

Larry Berdis


I ordered 8 trees for relatives and I just want to say THANK YOU! They arrived quickly and evidently by all accounts in perfect condition! And to top that they are the perfect gift. each family member was quite impressed with not only the tree but the instructions that came along with them. My Aunt was the most excited as she had killed a tree earlier due to lack of knowledge. She is now determined to make this one last!

We would also like to thank you for the wonderful customer service! I called to ask some questions which were answered and then a really nice lady called me back to confirm my online order! I have already told many people about your wonderful company and will be continuing to talk about it. And will be ordering some more soon!

Thank you again!
Tooele Utah

Just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the bonsai tree I purchased from you. It arrived in great shape and it is lovely (and in totally good taste). I know the friend I bought it for will be thrilled.

Thanks so much,


Just wanted to thank you for another spectacular plant!! I'm not sure what it is you do best--the plants, or the careful packing that is required for them to arrive safely. Either way, I am in awe of their beauty, and more than impressed that all the plants I have purchased have arrived without the loss of even a leaf!! And all are healthy and thriving!! Being confined to the house caring for my Mom, who has Alzheimer's, my bonzai are a constant source of wonder and peace--plus they require me to fuss over them so I can get my mind off the day to day grind. What a great company you have!!



just a thank you for the extremely fast shipping. I received the tree today and the tree was a hit at our company party. It was better than the ones we have here in Texas. I'm looking forward to buying more of these awesome bonsai's. Thank you again! Happy Holidays! Paul

Thank you so much for your excellent service. The tree is beautiful and I got it quickly and just in time to give as a gift for my holiday party! Happy Holidays to you!


Dear Bonsaiboy,

Just a few days ago I ordered a Shimbaku bonsai as a present and already it has arrived, in perfect condition, thanks to the impeccable wrapping that the packer did, with instructions how to care for it.

I am extremely impressed with your product, your service, your prices and the care that is taken in packaging to ship, so that the trees arrive in such excellent shape.

My husband is thrilled with his gift. I am thrilled with Bonsaiboy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just wanted to let you know the order I placed a couple of days ago arrived at noon today. Everything was in great condition. I took a soil temp and it was 60 degrees. The "How to" sheets on the three plants will be helpful as well since I am a beginner. Hope you don't mind but my family already call me "Bonsaiboy".

Dave -Green Bay, WI


Just wanted to let you know that my little hollies arrived in perfect condition and they are truly nice trees! I'm giving one to my boss and his family for Christmas. I'm sure they love it!

Thank you very much!
Wausau, WI

Hello Bonsai Guys,

I received my Cherry Bonsai Tree Wednesday. It was really more than I expected. The Tree arrived in perfect shape and I just wanted to let you know how I felt. I love doing business with a company that really does just what it says it will do. I will be a customer of yours from now on. I will be ordering another tree and will order it from you.

Thanks again,
Don, Indiana

To whom it may concern,

I placed an order and for tree not long ago and just received it. The tree is beautiful and it totally exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you very much for making this a pleasant experience.



Again, thank you for your timely e-mail, and the advice. I will tell my friends about your company, and if you need any recommendations or references, feel free to e-mail me.


Dear Bonsai Boy:

I just received my order for 3 artificial Bonsai's and a carved table. Everything is simply beautiful. You have wonderful products. Together with your great website and customer service, you represent the best in E-Commerce.

Thank you, again, for everything

Dear Bonsai Boy:

I recently ordered a willow leaf ficus tree from you as a gift for my husband. The traditional gift for a ninth wedding anniversary is willow and the contemporary gift is pottery so I thought the tree would be perfect. I ordered the tree about a month early and entered a note saying "delivery as close to October 1st as possible would be great". I was amazed when the tree arrived right on October 1st! The tree is awesome and arrived in beautiful condition. My husband loves it and it really made this anniversary a special one. Thanks for a great product and especially for great service!
ps... I was really surprised that your name and logo did not appear on the instructions or on the planter anywhere. You deserve the credit!


Dear Bonsaiboy.....

Just got my order. I must say you certainly deliver what you promise. The tree is beautiful. The lamp is perfect and looks so wonderful in my new room. I will definitely be doing future business with you. Thanks again. Great job, wonderful business you have.


Dear Bonsai Personnel,

Last Tuesday I ordered three Bonsai from your establishment. From the time you answered to the time of delivery I was astounded. Every question was answered professionally, and you made me feel like I was a favored customer. The Bonsai were as advertised and your assurance of delivery was just as you stated. Your packing of the Bonsai was superb, and the shipment arrived in excellent condition. Not a leaf was lost. The Bonsai's have received nothing but praise from my fellow monks. I will recommend you to other Bonsai lovers. You won this customer for life.

Brother Mark

I recently ordered a procumbens juniper from you and i just wanted to say that you guys do a great job! i used to work at U.P.S. and didnt think the tree was going to arrive in one peice. i was pleasantly surprised when it showed up happily snuggled in the box. keep up the good work!

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I've ordered from you twice. So far everything has been accurate with a speedy delivery. I appreciate the professional business and you will be hearing more from me in the Years to come!



Just wanted to let you know that my bonsai arrived today! It is better than I expected!!! Very nicely shaped little Bougainvillea...perfect pot. I should have ordered the humidity tray but I'll get one with my next order. Thanks for the great service.



This might seem like an odd letter, but here goes. A few years back, a friend of the family died. Looking for a gift to send, I was struck at how quickly flowers die. I wanted something that, like our memories, lasted forever. Something, like a Bonsai. We found your website, and being a former Long Islander, knew immediately you had to be good people. We've probably sent 3 or 4 trees to friends and family, and each of them have commented on how thoughtful, unique and truly special our gift was. Anyway, thanks for your great service, high quality products, and attention to detail. It's nice to know you've provided comfort for numerous people in times of loss.

Jeff Nicosia - Hawthorne, CA


What can I write that you haven't already read in your customer comments? I do a great deal of online plant purchasing and you are the best!!! Great selection of beautiful plant material, the most secure packaging I've seen, and prompt, safe delivery. In incredible operation! Great doing business with you!

Larry Teolis - Harbauer Bruce Nelson Design, LTD

Hi Gene,

The Pyracantha that I ordered arrived this afternoon, and as always, you totally amaze me!! The tree is absolutely gorgeous and again exceeded my expectations. I have never been disappointed with any tree that has come from your Organization.
Thank you for your efficiency and such quality products.


Dear Gene:

WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much. I meant to call you today to discuss my problem with you but work was crazy and I haven’t had much personal time with the holidays and everything. I am VERY impressed with your company. Your desire to please your customers is heart-warming in a day in age where many companies only worry about their bottom line. Please know that EVERYONE at work and that I know will be hearing about what a great company you have and that if they are interested in purchasing a bonsai tree that they should buy from you. Not only are your customer relation skills on of the best I have ever had to deal with but your prices are also VERY competitive! Many companies could learn a lot from the way you run your business, I just wish that if they do learn about your methods that they actually implement something similar. Thank you so much for running an honest and ethical business!

Carl Ruopp

Dear Gene:

What can I write that you haven't already read in your customer comments? I do a great deal of online plant purchasing and you are the best!!! Great selection of beautiful plant material, the most secure packaging I've seen, and prompt, safe delivery. In incredible operation! Great doing business with you!

Larry Teolis - Harbauer Bruce Nelson Design, LTD

Dear Gene:

Thank you very much for your top service. Your handwritten note only made the shipment more personal. Imagine that, there are people who care behind the concisely designed webpage in the age of the "dot-coms". All the trees have arrived in perfect order and are a true sample, representing your online catalog to full expectation. Your gesture of including the book was very appreciated and makes a nice addition to my library. Now, I have a nice foundation of what to strive for. The "rawlings" I set aside this fall to be trained in spring will hopefully one day too turn into nice specimen like the ones from BONSAIBOY. I gladly recommend you to anybody and I certainly keep your business in mind for the future. Again many thanks and continued success with BONSAIBOY_DOT_COM!!!

Tom Schaer

The trees I ordered just arrived and they are beyond my wildest expectations.  thank you.  they are to be a Father's day gift and I know  my Dad will be thrilled. I can't get over the ingenious way they were  packaged -- I actually saved it all to show my dad. There was absolutely  no damage to the trees.  Thank you, also, for my free tree - I expected a small bare root or grow-potted plant -- it's lovely!!!!!  I know I'll be dealing with you again and will share your web address with my friends at work (I'm a senior horicultural tecnician working for one of the largest interiorscape companies in the Wash. D.C. area).  Hopefully you'll get a lot of business from them.  Again, many thanks for the wonderful order.  --Carol Martin

I just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife Ann is with her gift of two trees from Bonsai Boy. She loves her trees, and she says they arrived perfectly and are wonderful.

Your overall service was really excellent. As you recall, I called Tuesday morning this week, and inquired about next day delivery into Manhattan. We determined that next day by UPS would be price prohibitive. Therefore we selected second day UPS delivery. Well, the trees arrived Wednesday (the next day) in Manhattan much to my surprise! Don't know whether to thank you or UPS, but this worked out wonderfully.

I am very pleased with Bonsai Boy right now. So if you have any customers who might be the least skeptical...just forward on my e mail. Thanks again for making our 9th Anniversary a complete success. Bonsai Boy is a breath of fresh air....compared to plain old flowers. -- R. Hertz, Dallas Texas

Dear Bonsai Boy

I have been wanting write and thank you for the pink and white Serissa. I am very pleased with it. It went into some shock but seems to be doing well now I have some more flowers blossoming today and I believe it will be ok. it sure looks great. I ordered some training wire with my last order I don't know if I got the rite gauge or not I did not know what gauge to get. I got a Texas scarlet flowering quince and cut about 30% of the branches and about 80% of the roots and it is doing well and has leaves on it now I guess it may work. I believe it may be beginners luck. Gene I am sure happy to have found you site and I an very happy with all the products and trees that I have gotten from Bonsai Boy of New York. I look around on the net a lot and you site it the best in my opinion and has the best deals and service. Gene I have been in law enforcement for about 25 years and I have worked many homicides and you name it. I am the chief deputy for the sheriff's department now and work a lot of hours. I am hooked on Bonsai and find it fascinating, relaxing, and rewarding. I am the special operations team leader (like swat) and some of the guys come over and are starting to ask about the bonsai's. Took some ribbing at first now they are starting to ask questions. Gene I did not mean to write such a long e-mail I really enjoy Bonsai and Like your company. -- Mickey


Thank you for delivering what was promised by your website! You have restored my faith in internet shopping. When I called on Monday at 6PM with a last minute change to add a Moisture Meter to the order, I was afraid that the change would hold up my order. The gentleman I spoke with was very kind and he assured me that there would be no problem, and there wasn't! This kind of customer service is rare and its wonderful to find a company like yours. Your website is one of the best I've seen complements to you and all of your employees.

Although I haven't seen the gift I sent, my client was indeed thrilled and delighted beyond what I had imagined ... everything arrived in perfect condition and he was amazed by the care taken to package the trees ... and how beautiful and healthy they were ... I'm sure you will be getting future orders from him and his associates. And I can't wait to get one for myself! Again, thank you so much! -- Mary

Hi, I can't believe your offer about sending you an email about adding your site to favorite places and getting a free tree with a future order. I think that is great! I talked to Gene and ordered a tree for a present for mothers day and felt real good about buying stuff there. I am going to buy a couple trees and some accessories in the next week and was perusing your site to make my decisions. Seeing your offer just made it easy for me and insured a purchase. If I call you on the phone to get your input about my decisions and some advice is that ok and will you still offer the free tree? You have a great site and I will talk and order from you soon. -- Bill Mallow

Hi Gene,

Thank you sooo much for providing the beautiful bonsai tress for our wedding. They were a big hit! Our guests were all fighting over who got to take them home. Your trees are the best and we are glad we chose Bonsai Boy!

Words cannot describe how beautiful my Hawaiian Umbrella tree is! I was really worried spending that kind of money over the internet but let me tell you how impressed I am! I can't stop looking at it! It is truly amazing! And you package them so well, it took me a good forty-five minutes to unwrap the thing. Since I am a beginner, is there any chat or bulletin boards that you know of that I can join? I really would be heart broken if I killed this beautiful tree. -- Annette



My tree arrived this afternoon safe and sound. I was delighted beyond my expectations like you said. I was amazed at how well the tree was professionally packaged. It was very lush and green. I have already watered it very well. Could you please mail me a few of your business cards and a catalogue if Bonsai Boy puts out one? Thank you again. The tree looks A+++.  --William


Dear Staff at Bonsai Boys of New York:
I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Chinese Serissa I recently purchased from your store. It arrived just yesterday in excellent health. I set it next to the other trees in my collection, and it is a superb looking tree.

Also, I want to also thank you for the excellent customer service I received when I purchased the tree. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone (the owner?) was very knowledgeable concerning how to care for the tree and even gave me some good advice concerning the care of another tree I own. Keep up the good work, and you will always have my business!! -- Dr. Case

Just got set up on the Internet and have browsed your Web site. I would also like to thank you for the great service. I just love the maple forest and the little cherry tree. As you suggested, the maple forest is in the corner in the garage, as the winter here in North Dakota will be too cold for outdoors...I look forward to doing more business in the future. -- P. Tierney, Bismark N.D.



I received my order today. Thank you for taking the time to send it Monday so it would be received Wednesday. As listed on your website I was indeed impressed with the specimen you sent. I have given my wife a not so subtle hint that a nice Chinese elm or serissa would make a nice birthday gift (coming in Jan.) You may get a phone call from her. The small plant you sent is nice as well. Is it safe to assume that it is also a juniper? If not please e-mail back with the species and common name. Thanx again for the beautiful juniper, I will continue to grow my collection and keep you in business for a while. Friends at work all asked for your web address so you should get some good word of mouth business from Cleveland.

I just received my Chinese Elm Wednesday Feb, 4. it is really beautiful. A lot of leaves and a really neat trunk and root system showing. I keep it indoors near a window and it is nice to enjoy a tree indoors since my junipers are in the garage. I have a question. Is it ok to trim some leaves or do some minor trimming to give it a shape and form I like, or is there a certain time you should trim them? Thanks again for the great tree and I will surely order again. --Tom


To the folks at Bonsai Boy of New York.

I placed an order this morning for a tree to be shipped to Brooklyn next Friday. And I wanted to write and thank you people for the fine service that you have given me. You web site is very well put together. I was able to figure out what I wanted and what it would look like (plus the price) from your pages. I phoned it in and the gentleman who helped me was very kind, helpful and courteous to me. I have book marked your site for future reference, and will not hesitate to recommend you to others.  Thank you for the pleasure of shopping with you. --Arnold G. Donta


Just got a phone call from my Mother telling me that she had received the bonsai trees from you, she was really delighted to have them, I was so happy to hear this, especially now at Christmas time. I must say a big, big thank you to you at bonsai trees for the time and effort you put in, I really do appreciate this.
Once again thank you very much and have a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. -- Kevin Preston

To Bonsai Boy of New York,

I received your order today and the Bonsai Boy Trees I purchased came in excellent condition and are just beautiful. It was so easy and convenient ordering from your web sight and the trees came in the exact time frame you said they would. Thanks again very much for the beautiful trees and I will be ordering from you again real soon. --Vincent

To Bonsai Boy,

Thank you so much for the beautiful juniper that you sent to me in
Chicago.  My  boyfriend loved it, and I love it as well!  It was nicely packaged, and it looks  like it's going to be with us for many years to come.  Thanks again - I'll be ordering more from you in the future! --Jill

Bonsai Boy,

I've never bought anything on-line before and I was a bit leary, but the bonsai I ordered was here in 2 days and in great shape!! --Thanks, Paul

Hello Bonsai Boy!

I received my order today in good condition!  Thank-you for blotting out your  name on the return address, that helped a lot.  I've got them all out of the box but haven't opened the bubble wrap around  the pots.  Will it be OK to leave them like that for three more days, or must I open each one to give them water before Christmas?

Thank-you in advance for your prompt response.
Peace & Love


Hi, I ordered a small brush cherry from you folks about a week ago and it just arrived intact, well packed, and looking good. Kudos for that. Was wondering though, it didn't mention on the packing material how old this particular one was, do you have that information to pass along? Thanks, I'd be happy to do business again. -- J. Hardy iv

The Sago Palm was a big hit. It looks great and came without any damage. Thank you for helping me make someone's Valentines Day very special. --MH

My brother and his son received their trees and they are thrilled!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for this fine, quality product. I will tell all my friends and associates about your fine site. --Susan Smoter -- A very happy customer

Dear Bonsai Boy,

The Chinese elm that you shipped last Wednesday arrived yesterday in perfect condition. We especially liked your packing. The tree appears very healthy - my husband thinks it's the perfect Birthday gift. --Thanks, Linda and Dan Mudry

Hi Gene,

Thanks for returning my call and spending some time with me on the phone. I will definitely take your advice and visit the library this weekend. You will hear from me soon. Again thank you.-- Rick Marchese

Thanks very much for rushing out my order in time to make my fiancee's birthday. The snow rose serissa arrived beautifully and is already well-loved. --Sarah

Bonsai Boy,

I recently ordered a Juniper. It was absolutely beautiful, I got it for my mother for Mothers Day- was so excited I gave it to her early!!!
Looking forward to ordering from your company again!!! -- Jason Tvrdik

Thanks for a great job with shipping my trees. I was a little worried about having a live tree shipped to me here in Fairbanks Alaska in the middle of winter, but they arrived safe and sound. --Burton Zielinski

I have you bookmarked ... Also I got my order that I ordered the other day it is beautiful. The free tree was just as pretty as the one I ordered. Thank you .. I am ordering another .. -- Letta L.

I was so happy to receive the nice t-shirt arrived in excellent condition and in time for Christmas!  Thank you!  Happy Holidays!  -- Carolyn

I am very pleased with my order for 2 different trees to separate addresses on different dates.   Both arrived as requested & are very beautiful! Thank you for the great service & your wonderful product! -- Carl

Dear Gene

The fine big jade tree arrived yesterday--apparently none the worse for her trip down through the winter weather.  She's  sitting by a bright window right now, and I'll hope to order another  tree to sit beside her soon--maybe one of your ficuses. -- Reynolds


I recieved my new trees from you today, and , They are just what i hoped for. They re just as advertised, I will recomend you to my friends. -- Gerald

Dear Bonsai Boy

Thank-you very much for all your assistance to my son who bought this tree. He spent many hours doing research on what site to purchase a tree from. You were very helpful to him for his first on-line purchase. Thank You.


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions it means a lot in this day and age. I look forward to placing my order with you. Probably on Monday so that it will be delivered to my office while I'm here. -- Mike


Thank you very much for following up!
Bravo for customer service! :-) Thank You. -- Lisa Jean Thomson


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